Mustang Mach-E FAQ

How do you charge a Mach-E?

At home, you can plug into a wall outlet. You really need a 240-volt outlet and it is even better to have a wall mounted charge installed on a customized circuit. Ford is working with Amazon to make a home charging solution available for easy installation.

Away from home, you can use the FordPass app to find charging stations. If they are in the FordPass network, you can pay for charging with the app. Ford aims to make the FordPass network the largest charging network for any EV.

Are dealers charging more than list price because the Mach-E is new?

There were a few dealers that tried to charge above the list price when people first placed their orders in June. However, as word got out that you could switch dealers, those dealers seemed to relent and charge list price. The problem was short lived and no longer exists.

Can you lease a Mach-E?

No, but Ford is offering a similar option called Ford Options. It functions like a lease because at the end of the term you can return the vehicle to Ford or opt to pay off the remainder of the value of the car. The title would be in your name and allow you to collect the Federal Tax Credit that is normally available for people leasing a car.

Will the Mach-E have AutoPilot or drive itself?

The Mach-E will have several driver assist functions. The highest level option will be the hands-free Active Driver Assist. It will allow you to take your hands off the wheel and the car will handle steering and braking. It will only be available to engage on certain roads.

Will the Mach-E have Over-the-Air updates?

Yes. Ford will be able to update the car via OTA updates. These updates will start within 6 months of the first car being sold.

What is the range of the Mach-E?

It depends. The Mustang Mach-E is available with 5 powertrain options:

  • RWD, Standard Range - 230 miles
  • AWD, Standard Range - 210 miles
  • RWD, Extended Range - 300 miles
  • AWD, Extended Range - 270 miles
  • AWD, Extended Range (GT) - 250 miles
How Many Mach-E’s will be produced?

Ford says they will make 50,000 Mach-E's the first year. The main limitation is the number of battery packs available from LG Chem.

What colors are available?

Rapid Red, Star White, Infinite Blue, Carbonized Gray, Shadow Black, Iconic Silver, Space White
Grabber Blue available only on First Edition

When does production start?

The rumor is that production on customer cars is scheduled to begin on October 26, 2020.

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