Mustang Mach-E FAQ

Won’t the glass roof make the interior hot on sunny days?

The glass roof has a special UV coating that will keep the interior as cool as it would be with the steel roof even on a sunny day.

Can you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay with the Mach-E?

Yes. This is a big advantage over Tesla. Ford enables use of either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay seamlessly with Sync 4A.

Will the Mach-E have AutoPilot or drive itself?

The Mach-E will have several driver assist functions. The highest level option will be the hands-free Active Driver Assist. It will allow you to take your hands off the wheel and the car will handle steering and braking. It will only be available to engage on certain roads.

Will the Mach-E have Over-the-Air updates?

Yes. Ford will be able to update the car via OTA updates. These updates will start within 6 months of the first car being sold.

What colors are available?

Rapid Red, Star White, Infinite Blue, Carbonized Gray, Shadow Black, Iconic Silver, Space White
Grabber Blue available only on First Edition

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