Mach-E Gift Guide

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Mach-E T-Shirts

There are a wide selection of Mustang Mach-E designs that you can get on t-shirts. And if t-shirts aren’t your style, you can pick other clothing like hoodies, long sleeve shirts, or tank tops.

Mach-E Mugs

You can get a variety of designs on travel or regular coffee mugs.

No Drill License Plate Bracket

Most states require a front license plate. The Mustang Mach-E leaves the factory without a license plate bracket but the dealers install one by drilling holes in the front bumper. This bracket avoids those holes. It mounts underneath the bumper using a super strong adhesive!

Ceramic Coating Kit

Ceramic coating in general is a nano protective layer on your car to prevent from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder, UV, dust and dirt. This kit includes everything you need to protect your Mach-E with a shiny ceramic coating.

TurtleWax Kit

If you don’t want to use a ceramic coating, a traditional carnauba wax might be the choice for you. This kit includes¬†¬†Turtle Wax Carnauba Wash & Wax, Carnauba Paste Cleaner Wax and Express Shine Carnauba Spray Wax.

Portable Car Vacuum

To help you keep your Mustang Mach-E interior as pristine as the outside, you can buy this portable car vacuum. It plugs right into the 12v power and comes with several useful accessories to clean the whole car. It also includes an handy case.

Trunk Organizer

The Mustang Mach-E will have lots of storage space in the trunk. To keep things organized, you can use a trunk organizer. It will help to keep your groceries and other items from rolling around while you drive in Unbridled mode!

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