We recently sold our First Edition Mach-E and bought a Mach-E GT Performance Edition. We made a video explaining how it all worked and here are the numbers that we discussed in the video.

MSRP of 2021 Mach-E First Edition: $59,400 (Window Sticker)
Price paid (using X-Plan): $58,487 (Purchase Agreement)
Rebate for using Ford Options: $1,100
Trade in & cahs down: $9,000
Monthly payment: $760

Pay off amount: $43,000

Tax rebates received: $7,500 Federal & $2,500 Colorado

Offers for selling our Mach-E First Edition –
Driveway: $50,000
CarGurus: $52,000
Denver area Ford dealer 1: $54,000
Denver area Ford dealer 2: $55,000
CarMax: $59,000

Trade-in offer from Freeway Ford: $55,000
Tax Savings by doing trade-in: $4,500

Diminished Value Settlement: $6,000

MSRP of 2022 Mach-E GT Performance Edition: $72,170 (Window Sticker)
Price Paid (using X-Plan): $71,011 (Purchase Agreement)
Rebate for using Ford Options financing: $500
Monthly payment: $880

Tax rebates expected: $7,500 Federal & $2,500 Colorado

Some quick tips if you are selling your Mach-E:

Shop around! If you get good offers from online companies, don’t hesitate to ask your dealer or local companies to beat them. If you may be able to get a better deal by selling it yourself. You’ll have to work with your financing company on how to handle the payoff and title transfer.

Check to see if there are tax advantages by trading in your car instead of selling it to someone else. Depending on the value of your car, you may have several thousand dollars of tax savings by using it as a trade-in.

Some quick tips for Buying a Mach-E:

First of all, order online (when order banks open). That gives you time to review all the options carefully consider the details. I did confirm some key details with my dealer before selecting them in the online ordering system. I asked if the deposit was refundable, there was no markup, and they took X-Plan. To be 100% sure, you can ask for it in writing.

If you plan on using X-Plan (or other discount) check the terms. For example, to utilize X-Plan by being a Mustang Club of America member, you have to join months in advance.

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